Add Andorra in the country list


On the country list of the mobile app, please add Andorra. Indicative code : +376

Otherwise, can’t connect


Hey @chifounou

This is known issue hopefully it will be solved soon!

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@korolija thanks buddy

Still not solved… This is really a problem to be fixed please :grin:

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We can only wait at the moment. :smirk:


Please add +216 of tunisia , beaCause i cant login

Hi I have the same problem Monaco is not part of the EEA and therefore Revlout does not service this country, however, I can reach Revolut through France as +33 and +377 works in Monaco but my residency is in Monaco. Can I still use your services?

In your contract you say that you must be in a EEA member country, are there exceptions?
If not is there a way that I can help you apply to have Monaco as a member of you service area?

Good evening Blake

I have the same problem.
I am resident of Monaco and used +33 to connect to Revolut.
Do you know if Revolut works in Monaco by now?