Add an item "Total amount on accounts"


which would be the sum of all money in different accounts, in the currency of choice.


Hi @juilma,

Can you please give us more details regarding your suggestion?


It should appear somewhere the total amount of money available accross all currencies: if i own 100£ and 119 euros and 132 usd, it would be useful to have somewhere “Total: 300£” so that people know how much they can spend overall.


You’ll need to have enough funds available in one wallet to make a successful transaction, it won’t ‘rollover’ into another wallet.

If you can hold 3 currencies how it would be possible to have a total amount?


It could be a small line next to the currency: for example: USD American dollar, total portfolio xxx $.
Same if we switch to the Euro line: EUR, total portfolio xxx EUR

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I think @AndreasK didn’t get the question.

It has been asked elsewhere and I think it’d be necessary, as I have multiple accounts in every currency !

The requested feature would be, to somewhere in the app, display the total of money that one has across all different currencies. Convert them to a selected currency, so we can have oversight of all our money.

Like if I have 10$, 10€, 10£ etc, I would like to be able to see somewhere : total money in Revolut = 29.72€ (today’s rates)

Total account value in Main currency

And from now on that screen could have two sections:

  • fiat currencies
  • cryptocurrencies

Both totals could be shown in a user configurable currency.