Activation of account

Good day !
I’m still waiting for account confirmation.
For this moment 3 weeks already passed, but no any messages arrived.
Selected counrty:Ukraine

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Hello @dimowskiy :wave: ,

Welcome to our community. Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your concern. Currently, we are unable to offer the option to open an account specifically for Ukraine. However, you can still create an account using your Ukrainian phone number and passport by selecting a different country. :earth_americas:

SG | Community Team

Good day ! Thanks for your assistance.
Could you please advise what should i have to create an account with Romania as country of residence ?
I have Romanian Temporary protection with CNP number as ukrainian refugee, is it enough ?
For Ukrainians Visa is not required to be in Romania.
And can I use ukrainian telephone number ?
Best regards.


@dimowskiy, Before creating a new account, you need to cancel the existing registration. Kindly contact us at for cancelling the existing registration.

Once that done, you can follow these steps to open an account:

  • Download the Revolut app
  • Tap ‘Sign up’ and enter the phone number you’re currently using. It can be any phone number, including your Ukrainian phone number, as long as you can receive text messages to it
  • Select the country you’re currently in as your country of residence, e.g. Poland or Slovakia
  • Provide your current address outside Ukraine, e.g. address of the shelter, and fill out your personal info
  • Confirm your identity by selecting and uploading your Ukrainian passport* or identity card, as these are the documents that allow Ukrainian refugees to open an account

*If you’re of another nationality coming from Ukraine, you’ll need to follow the same steps and upload your passport as well as your Ukrainian visa.

Let us know if you are still facing issues with your account creation :speech_balloon:

SG | Community Team

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