Activate card


Hi! I received my card few weeks ago and since then i keep trying to activate it. I uploaded my docs but it says that the reviewing process takes up to 10 min which is not true because i tried several times now and it doesn’t do through.
Can u please advise me what should i do? Tried to call the number on the site but it’s just for lost cards. Thank you!


You don’t need to activate the card, it should be ready to go right away. You only need to upload the docs if you want to increase the limit after the photo verification of your IDs.


So it doesn’t have a pin? Thank you!


It does, you can find the PIN code in the app under the PIN option.


Everything is done. Thank you!


Hi! So you do need to verify the account in order to fully activate the card. If there are any delays during the verification process, we can help you manually if you contact us on the support chat.


Support people helped me when i sent a message on facebook thank you!!


Hi Team, I have the very same problem, receieved the card weeks ago but still appears as if my identity needs to be verified. I also dont have a PIn yet because my card is not fully linked in my account yet. I deleted my card and linked it again, but to no avail. And leaving for Ecuador in 48h…help please :wink:


ah and support chat and Facebook chat are not responsive unfortunately…