Acquiring will never be the same again 😎

We’re ripping up the rulebook and building a new acquiring product from scratch. Our vision is to let a company set up a business account linked to a merchant account in minutes, allowing them to seamlessly make both online and offline payments in a matter of seconds.

More info:

What do you think?


I can see your point wanting to open up another field, but shouldn’t you FIRST solve the issues and problems with the existing revolut-services before you opening up yet another “construction site”?


I think it’s enough with the hippy side and new things coming.

Let’s focus on current issues which might drive some old customers out of revolut.
Think about. I’m one of them. Had several problems in the past two weeks. Waiting for a card which was supposed to arrive 4 days ago (DHL express) and I’ve got no tracking number
Support told me contradictory things: first time the card is sent and it should arrive. Second time the card has been printed and maybe it will be sent too
Card payments were down last week. Some got a notification. I didn’t.
Two days ago I was trying to withdraw money. Declined several times. The support said that the ATM tried magstrip. Cmon. The same ATM I used in the past. Then tried 3 different banks.
And surprisingly at one point, the same ATM worked half an hour after.

Lack of alternative in case I lose the mobile.
Lack of proper support (Phone, e-mail)
Many promised things which never arrived: Airport lounges, the reason I will downgrade my plan. Apple Pay (and I know, it won’t be available for everyone, that’s why you’re issuing local BIN cards)
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Get this fixed before you start to think about something else.
Choose between numbers (no of clients) and quality. Old users might leave. New ones don’t even understand how it works.


Way to tell them Alex, kudos :slight_smile:

I’ve been with Revolut since Sep 2016. During that time have encountered numerous problems, technical glitches, failed payments… This is somehow normal as the service develops and evolves, but what’s not is the frequency of those issues and the way Revolut communicates those with its users.

Tons of sorries and excuses…and excuses…and excuses…few things were fixed, but issues still occur at times…

Still, no full EEA currency coverage - HRK is still to be added as a top-up and bank transfer currency, BGN still needs to be added as a top-up currency. HUF still can’t be topped up by card.

Revolut cards are still prepaid - which often has some severe implications when using abroad and especially in Asia…So where are debit cards? Revolut first told it needs a banking licence to issue debit cards - what about Transferwise Borderless account card? It’s a debit card, yet TW is the same electronic money issuer as Revolut is, and not a bank.

Tons of promises not fulfilled - airport lounges, wealth section has been in the app ever since I joined, yet it’s still unavailable, credit has been lanched within the UK - European users still can’t access it.

Poor communication with users and outreach on certain questions and issues - we asked ETA for so many things - was never provided, the usual answer to so many questions : soon, soon, soon…very soon - stay tuned!

More often than not useless support dealing with important financial issues yet they often do not understand the importance of their job as they tend to provide false info, some don’t even understand the question but they don’t admit it and ask users to rephrase their questions instead, but rather opt for a quick way out of the problem by making things up and providing inaccurate info. Many many hours lost on chatting with support that simply does not meet up the user’s requirements…

Guys - building up your product merely on pumping up the user numbers and new services without fixing what needs to be fixed in the current offer won’t turn out well in the medium and long-term. As @Iskender said, you will loose old customers. If not loose them, they will just downgrade their plans or stay with a free plan.

You seriously need to:

  1. Revamp customer support (properly train agents, introduce at e-mail support at least).

  2. Build a web-interface as an alternative to the mobile app (convenient, needed in case of problems abroad or the loss of the mobile phone, web-interface would need to have a chat option with support, as well).

  3. Offer all EEA currencies for both top-up and bank transfer

  4. Completely change your approiach to users and actively collaborate with them - if we ask for ETA, you need to provide ETA, if you can’t deliver something at the moment they say it - don’t always go for “soon, very soon, stay tuned”.

Don’t get me wrong - Revolut is an amazing innovative service offering many good and money-saving services and options, and I’m glad it’s there as it has saved me money and time! But you guys just pushed my buttons with constant introduction of new services without fixing what needs to be fixed first.

At least two recent app upgrades were concerning GIFs and emojis!! Revolut come on!


Hey guys,

Banks have never been open or transparent with their customers. While we appreciate that waiting can be annoying, we want to openly share our journey ahead with our customers, so that they know exactly what to expect from us, and know that we are listening to their suggestions.

Proof of this transparent mode, is today’s open letter by our CEO: where Nik actually talks about a lot of the topics you raised here.

Hope it helps, thanks for your engagement.


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Well we have now no idea what to expect from you as Revolut is living in a constant lie…

One example from Nik’s letter - USA launch pushed to “early 2019”. Until today you were constantly announcing later end of 2018…

Not to mention the other promises from 2017-2018…

well I don’t know about the UK, but “promised Transparency” is a thing swiss bancs promise by the hour. Like Postfinance and their increased fees. (I’m customer - I was informed in the Revolut-Community, eventough PF promises transparency all along)

Also, broken Promises are useless and counterproductive, as others already mentioned!

Take the CH-IBAN or the “non costing Topup-Way” for Swiss customers:
in 2017, it was said “early 2018”, late 2017 we were told “March 2018”; in March 2018 we were told “Just around the corner”, in June “soon”, in July “this year”, …seriously - do you know the story with the boy who shouted “wolf”?

The same with the banking-license… “soon, just around the corner” - same story.

…you want to build the 5th floor of the revolut-building without having walls at the frist floor - how stable is this building?

A thing very well known for bancs and fincancial institutes: they form a bubble very fast. Bubbles, as we also do know, have the bad habbit of imploding badly somewhen… Why do bubbles exist? Bc. the company wanted to much in to short time.

Please - for your own sake - fix the issues with your already existing services first. THEN go for new fields.


I compleatly agree with @expatier, while we want extras like Apple Pay and many others, I think :r: have to focus on the main basic things which is providing accounts and top-ups with all currencies in EU/EEA!!! I think this is a base ground you need to do asap!
Whst is your opinion @DimitrisLitsikakis

Well, I have to say that the letter from the CEO is really good work and it shows that he is aware what is going on, where Revolutˋs weaknesses are and where he puts his priorities on the way into the future.
And let´s be honest, he really touches upon most of the shortfalls and broken or postponed promises that are out there. This, for me is good news: the CEO seems to be spot on.
Obviously, his current priority reamains to grow, quantity before quality, and I guess there are some good reasons for this.
However, I hope they will tackle the identified and here in the forum widely discussed shortfalls while pushing forward on the growth path.

And before I forget: Come on Revolut, let us officially know if you still plan to add HRK as a fully supported currency and if so, please offer a planned timeline.


They’ve been doing that for years lol