ACH transfers to US bank accounts

TransferWise do this - it removes the hefty ($15) fee for SWIFT transfers for small (<$25000) amounts.

Would prefer to use Revolut than TW!


Hello @simonr,

Revolut does not charge a fee to top up your account via bank transfer. However, it is important to watch out for third-party fees. This $15 fee is not from Revolut but from the Bank.


Andreas K.

Hi Andres,
Yes indeed - this is standard for US banks accepting SWIFT transfer which is why TransferWise also implement the ACH Push mechanism for smaller amounts - US banks do not charge for receipts with ACH. Just wondering if you can also put ACH Push implementation onto your product backlog or if I’m going to need to stick with TransferWise?


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Ok, I see now - Revolut use Currency Cloud for transfers etc so are at the whim of whatever mechanism Currency Cloud implement. Would be good if you could ask them about implementing ACH txfers.


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Final post in this thread - a happy ending, my transfer turned up in my US account fee free, as it turns out Currency Cloud actually have implemented ACH transfers!

Hi @simonr,

Happy to hear that.


Andreas K.

That’s not what @anon33247966 told us in another thread. He told us that Revolut uses SWIFT. @anon33247966 - please clarify.

@anon33247966 - Please could you at least tell us the location of the bank account from which Revolut sends USD payments to US banks? Is it a Lloyds USD account in the UK or is it a proper US bank account?

@NFH I believe it’s a USD account attached to Revolut’s UK bank. Thus, Revolut can provide SWIFT account details, but not ACH. But Revolut has said that it’s coming soon, perhaps by year end. Would also love to get some clarity/updates on this.

I’ve also tried to obtain this information in this thread: Transfer to US bank
But the answers are quite confusing. I don’t understand if I should expect Swift fees with Revolut or not.

Also Revolut gives me a choice between regular transfer and Turbo transfer. Is there one that incurres Swift fees and the other not? I’m looking for the same result as TransferWise that won’t lead to Swift fees… Revolut pretends being cheaper than TransferWise in all communications but it is misleading as they forget to mention about Swift fees, just because they’re not responsible for them. The truth is, with Swift fees, they’re still more expensive than TransferWise.

Regular transfer doesn’t incur fees on the Revolut/Currency Cloud side though may on the receiving bank end.

I regularly transfer to a Lloyds USD a/c via Swift and to a US based one via ACH - both are fee-free.

It’a Lloyds USD account in the UK

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That’s not good news, but thanks for clarifying, @anon33247966. If anyone receives USD transfers from Revolut into their US bank account without being charged fees by their bank, then they’re lucky.

i have been trying to set up a payee which is a US bank but the account numbers only takes 8 digits and they have supplied a 12 digit numbers. when i asked the App support about this they said it is a recognised issue that they are working on which sounds like it cannot be done at present. did anyone manage to do this?

A month after this advice, I needed to pay a small amount of money to the US, so instead of sending it it to my US bank account (because an incoming international SWIFT payment would incur a fee of $15), I partially paid my US Amex bill. It all went smoothly and arrived the next day.

This month I did the same using the same saved payee details, but the payment didn’t arrive. In a support chat, Szymon A concurred with @anon33247966 above by saying that it was a “SWIFT international transfer”.

However, subsequent investigations revealed on the contrary that Revolut sends USD payments to the US via ACH from an account in the name of Currencycloud held at Community Federal Savings Bank, ABA clearing code 026073150.

Why is product knowledge so bad at Revolut? Why are these important details not known by Revolut staff? in future, can we have accurate information and no guesswork please?


isn’t that Transferwise’s bank?

I live in EU and I need to make a bank transfer to the USA. If it matters the transfer is to a business account. Can someone confrim what is the current method of transfers (Swift, etc.) that Revolute uses? Are there any taxes and what is their amount?

Thank you!

Revolut uses ACH transfers. There should be no fee - I haven’t had one either from Revolut or receiving bank end. Use ACH if you can for transfers to US accounts: SWIFT will be more expensive and slower, if it’s even available.

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It is confirmed that Revolut uses Community Federal Savings Bank account for receiving funds through bank transfers. But it is not yet allowing auto debits and wire transfers.

keep in mind that Revolut offers the local accounts, if it is available, mostly to residents. Exceptions are the EUR and GBP accounts.