ACH Routing/Account Number

Apologies to piggyback on this thread, but I just opened a Revolut account in the UK, added a USD account (as well as a GBP one). However I do not have the ACH routing/account number for local transfer in the US (in USD). I only see the IBAN for international wire transfer (which has a fee from the US side).

I see some in this thread have the ACH routing/account number.

I also have a quick chat with support yesterday and they said that an ACH routing/account number will be added to my USD account… but so far nothing,

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Hello @MrJM :wave:,

Welcome to our community. I understand you are looking for ACH routing number. You can navigate to you ‘Dashboard’ and select the USD pocket to get your account and ACH routing number. If this has not been added yet, please allow them sometime to do that as support requested. Hope that helps. :pray:

SG | Community Team

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