"Accounts" tab does not show transactions

When I enter in the app, the “Accounts” tab does not show the transactions for the selected account, but only the amount of money I have in the account.

I have closed and reopened the app, also I have restarted my phone, but nothing fixed it.

Samsung S7, Android 8.0.0

Has happened to a few people including me. Short answer is logout of the app then log back in again and this will fix. But read the whole thread https://community.revolut.com/t/transactions-all-disappeared/56830

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Only euro account transactions were showing on the accounts tab so I tried this logout/login. Excellent, now I see the GBP transactions, which is an improvement. But I can find no way to switch back and forth. I can see the account balances if I go to account manager, and click on those to see account details, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to choose to see the transactions for a chosen currency.