Account with limitations (not fully onboarded)


I’m the owner of a European SMB. We are super happy because we recently got our Revolut account approved. We have started playing around with it (we have two accounts, one in EUR and another in GBP) and we are completely pleased.

However, it seems that our account has not been fully onboarded and still has some limitations (even though the email we received from Revolut with the subject “Your business account is ready” didn’t mention anything about it), being the main one that our GBP account is a pooled one, lacking a unique IBAN in the name of my company.

Since most of the payments we receive are automatically issued by cloud services that don’t allow a reference to be inserted, we are not able to get them, which makes the Revolut account unusable.

We contacted support to get a ballpark estimate of the date our account would be fully onboarded but unfortunately they were not able to provide it.

Could you let me know how long it took to get your accounts fully onboarded?

Many thanks.

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Hi, @andriusb, could you provide us with some information on this? We feel like children with new shoes that are not allowed to take them out of the box…

Hi @kiwoku thanks a lot of for your message and so sorry for this inconvenience so far! I can feel your frustration and inability to utilise Revolut for Business to meet your business requirements. Unfortunately, I cannot determine which business name are you referring to so if you could drop me a message to, I’ll get back to you with an estimation as soon as possible
Once again so sorry for the inconvenience and hoping to solve this out soon. Thanks


I’m in the same situation as @kiwoku.

Most of my income is from Canadian companies.
However, in the dashboard, my Canadian account is a pooled one and doesn’t bear my company’s name.
This make it impossible for me to receive money from Canada and renders my Revolut account unusable.

@andriusb It would be great if I could at least have an estimate on when will I be able to have a unique CAD account for my company.