Account verification for travelers/digital nomads without EU permit.


Hey, I obviously like the idea behind Revolut. Once I started traveling and working remotely full time, Revolut was obvious choice but unfortunelty inability to identify myself with just national passport is a deal breaker for people outside of EU&UK me included. I was able to get a card while in Europe but can’t verify it. What are the options digital nomads outside of EU&UK have in regards with identification? When will we be able to verify ourselves?


Hello @desire,

Thank you for contacting us.
Just to clarify, Revolut follows UK Regulations, which requires ID verification. Unfortunately, there is a 750£ transaction limit after which our users have to verify their identity with us.

However, we’ll take your feedback into serious consideration.


Andreas K


Hey @AndreasK, thanks for your response.

I understand and agree that ID verification is completely reasonsalbe and needed after £750 threshold. My problem is that your service requires EU residency to verify in contrast to other services that allow you to verify by your national ID i.e. transferwise. And I don’t understand that constraint while literally most other financial/banking services don’t have that particular residency facotr in verification process.



We recently renewed our license with our payment processor and due to the T&C, we are no longer able to provide services to non-EEA users, however, non-EEA users based in the EEA need to provide a proof a right to remain, along with their national IDs.


Andreas K