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I have been trying for a couple of weeks to verify my account following the instructions in the mobile app and based on your terms and conditions and the required documents as described in your FAQ section.

I have provided you with and a copy of my photo and the official national Greek ID, issued by the Greek government and accepted by all countries as a national identification official document.

As per your FAQ/Getting started section you require:

You will need to take a picture of a valid government-issued photo ID and a picture of your face. We may request a copy of your legal right to remain in one of our supported countries (e.g. visa, residence permit). Some tips to ensure the identity verification goes smoothly:

Take a clear picture of your identity document, where every single detail is readable without any blur
Take the photos somewhere brightly lit
Turn flash off to avoid glare on your documents
Make sure the details on your Revolut profile match the details on your legal document
Make sure that your legal document has at least 3 months validity left on it
Not take a picture of a picture

All of these have been followed precisely, but instead my verification has been rejected and the feedback from your help chat was that the ID is handwritten!!! Apparently some national IDs in Greece have been issued handwritten, but still they are valid authentication documents, accepted in most of the European countries.

Additionally i check your general terms and services (section VERIFICATION OF IDENTITY), terms 7.1-7.4 and again i cant find any reference to blocking verification upon presentation of handwritten IDs, but still officially issued by the government.

I would like an official feedback from Revolut on why upon the above statements and rational, my verification is not accepted and a confirmation of whether the national ID of Greece is accepted or not by Revolut.
If whatsoever, it is not accepted i understand that this is something that you need to present clearly in your general terms of service.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
Kind regards

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Hi there. Thank you for your feedback and I have passed it along to the relevant team. This is correct, we don’t accept handwritten IDs.

Hi again,

My question is where is this coming from your term and conditions, and why you don’t accept an official issued EU country ID. Those IDs are having the official Greek government stamp.

Happy to have your official feedback on that.

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Is there any feedback from the relevant team?

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Do we have an update on the matter? I am a greek citizen and I also encounter this issue (I have a handwritten ID and I can not verify my identity in your application). I have never travelled abroad, so I do not possess a passport. Please advise. Is there another way to verify my identity? Maybe via a skype call or something?
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Hi all,

Bumping this archived topic as I am facing the exact same issue myself. Was there a resolution in the end, when it comes to verifying national ID’s which are handwritten?