Account verification & chat support problems


Hi I’m another new user having trouble verifying my account. Following a request in chat support I have uploaded new pictures but now the chat support has stopped replying & I can’t see how to reactivate it. Any ideas?


It says review process will take 10 minutes. So far 5 days and counting!


Now resolved, but I do think the customer service aspect needs to be addressed. There’s no email address, no phone number, just a very slow in-app chat.


They have strange sorting policy as well. Yesterday I tried to reach support and was in the waiting list for an hour. Later that day with the same problem because live person just could not understand problem I was in the waiting list for 4 hours. Today, the same problem :smiley: for the last time I get message that my waiting is approximately is 24 hours. :smiley: So you can not get help if you need it to often or they really have big problems.