Account Under Review- NEED HELP ASAP


Hi I am a premium customer and am verified. I topped up £750 into my account using my bank. I then realised this was a mistake. I tried to send the £750 back to my bank but it has locked me out. I spoke to support and they said it can take 7 days even though I verified my card with them but I need the money reverted as soon as possible. Please help I cant lose this much money!


i guess topup and immediatly transfer out money triggers the automated security system…


Will I get the money reverted back to my bank? They cant keep it in a locked account? @AndreasK


there are bunch of rules, people not reading and adressing exactly what they can and what cannot. believe me, they can hold the money as long as nessesary and this is regulations, not their choice


I know but surely theres no security needed here as I can prove the account number and all details used to add the money along with pictures of my card if needed! Have I just lost £750 then? Surely they can revert it to the original source it was added from. @AndreasK


lost, dont think so. how fast will revolut react to your case - probably not as fast as you want… :frowning:


I needn’t someone on here to help me from the support team. I was verified and everything so I should be able to top up what I want. I just hope I can get the money back into my bank


If that is the case, then I don’t know how useful Revolut is as an alternative to legacy banks? They clearly say they want to take customers away from the legacy banks but if putting money into a bank account and taking some money out would block accounts, then I would have blocked all my bank accounts several times. But it never happened. The other issue is if something like this happens for security reasons, they should provide customers support for premium customers as advertised. This is one of the reasons why people pay for the premium account.


im sure this is happening because of some kind of regulations and because these regulations are specifically for companies like Revolut which arent exactly banks.

if im wrong and its not that the reason but some kind of mistake, they will fix it in the near future.

anyway, first come the illness, then the cure so… i wont be attacking them for their mistakes. I will just sit and watch them bettering themeselves…

i really do see big progress!


Its just I need the money back, if my account was to be suspended would they revert the funds to the source they were added from?


most likely, yes
there isnt logical reason why they shouldnt


Ok thats all im worried about, I dont want £750 trapped in the account!


Hi there.

Following a review of your account, in accordance with section 19.1 of our Terms and Conditions, we are unable to continue to offer you services provided by Revolut and your account has been suspended indefinitely.

As I can see all the funds have been returned back to the original source of top up.