Account topped up 1 week ago, still waiting for my money



I have topped up my account in HKD on October 27th, with all the correct references.
I am still waiting for it to arrive on my account.

Someone from the chat support said that he located the payment and asked me for documents showing the transfer and the name of the sender. I gave all the relevant documents which he sent to a third party provider.

In the same chat I asked for an estimate of the time it will take now to get my money and I never got an answer. I asked again today, and nobody is ever answering, like I am talking in the void…

Can you please have a look at my query and give me an update? It has been a week now and I am waiting for a large amount which I need to transfer urgently.





Hi All,
Finally sorted not sure why the chat was not working and why you have to send a message on the community to make it work… But in the end it did work, thanks :slight_smile:



How did you fix your problem ? I have made a sepa transfer from my French bank account not opened with Revolut to my GBP account with Revolut .

This money has never arrived , basically I put my name as beneficiary and not Revolut name without reference … the service assistance is very incompetent they promised me that the problem has been fixed but it wasn’t true … the last girl i has all she could say sorry … thanks for your patience and understanding!!

I am very disappointed I’ve liked this bank …


Hi @Laura1,

sorry for the trouble you’re in. Two ideas to keep in mind to avoid situations like this in the future:

Always top up your Revolut account with the same currency: EUR from your French account should be sent to your EUR IBAN within Reovlut. Everything else is a hassle and takes time and might not work at all – funds will be sent back to the sender then. Exchange happens afterwards after you have received your funds.

And then: grab a cup of tea (or a café au lait) and read Revolut’s FAQ. Because a lot of details actually work quite differently by design compared to your average bank. The FAQs are a good read and perfect to get familiar with the product. And then you might like them again :wink:


Hi Frank

Thanks for your reply , unfortunately I have no idea what does it mean to top up … I can’t even understand on the FAQ .

I am very frustrated, the service is not good at all and I don’t understand why they had to lie to me telling me that the finance team will take care of it and that I would have received my money within few hours and then nothing at all .

There must be a solution for this they can’t steal my money like that



Hey @Laura1 :slight_smile:

You have a balance in :r:, in any currency. Whenever you load money (either with a card or a bank transfer) to that balance in :r:, you are making a top-up.

If there’s any specific doubt you have, we (users) might be able to help you :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t dare saying making you wait 4-5 hours is stealing :frowning:


Hi Julio

Well it’s from the 1st of November they are promising me to put this money into my bank account it’s not the first time they tell me to wait or that the problem has been solved and then I ended up being with empty pockets .

You’ll see in few hours I won’t get nothing at all .
I can’t top up 1080€ again unfortunately I must wait for this money . They told me yesterday they located my money and in few hours I should get them in my account which never happened .

I am so frustrated there must be someone again from the finance team who can fix this problem


Hey @Laura1 :slight_smile:

Anyone would be frustrated in your situation :frowning:

I do really hope your problem will be solved today. However, if you are really in a hurry:

  • Reach :r: through Twitter if the problem is not solved within the timeframe they gave you
  • If they finally do not solve your problem today, ask for the escalation of the issue to a formal complaint


Thanks for your help
Where I can get this formal complaint?
I will try on twitter


If you have a standard account, over the weekend you may need to wait for an answer till Monday (work day). With a premium account you should get answers 24/7.
Depending on which bank and how I sent it it took me up to 3 working days for the money to arrive - at most one day was Revolut, for the rest our Swiss banks are to blame. The other way round (from Revolut to Swiss bank) it arrives in less than 12 hours.
Sending money only has created difficulties at my end, my bank up to now, never at Revolut. And spending money in HongKong has worked like a charm, also getting cash.


Hey @Laura1 :slight_smile:

The form should normally be provided to you by the :r: in-app support team, which will point you to it when you ask for the formal escalation of the issue :wink:

However, I really hope the problem is resolved without having to resort to making an official complaint.


IF you send money to a Revolut account with an IBAN like GB…LOYD… then you MUST put REVOLUT AS BENEFICIARY, and your PERSONAL ACCOUNT NUMBER with Revolut in the REFERENCE.
IF you send money to a Revolut account with an IBAN like GB…REVO… that contains your personal personal account number with Revolut in the IBAN, then you MUST put YOURSELF as the beneficiary and it will be credited to your account from the IBAN number containing your account number with Revolut.
Both ways will credit your top-up correctly automatically.
If you do not follow this, then the money gets stuck and must be manually allocated.
Not Revolut is to blame, rather the limitations of traditional banks and their resistance to change.


I understand this which I didn’t know . But what made me really sad is why the consultant assistant had to lie to me saying the the problem has been fixed by the finance team and in few hours I should receive my money .


It would only be a lie if the support agent would not assume, at the time telling you, that the problem was resolved. The support agent probably was just telling you the informations she or he had access to and did not intentionally lie to you. They weren’t stealing, no one grabbed the money from you, you sent it accidentally the wrong road down, assuming from what you were describing.

That is not an excuse for how it turned out for you. So I understand that you’re upset about the service. If you want, contact Revolut on Twitter or Facebook via direct message. That might speed things up over the weekend.


I have already did on twitter no answer at all I am premium.

I would like to contact another agent but the current agent doesn’t want to close the chat in order to have someone else she told me that the finance team will be available at 2 pm U.K. So I am waiting for the moment . Even the agent is not answering me in my own chat


I’ve seen you opened another thread about this. So I guess it’s easier to abandon this here and discuss everything further over there in one place.


You mean on twitter ?


No, here:

I assumed that is you?


Yes sorry that was my original topic