Account suspended

My Company account has been suspended with no reason or explanation on 20th of march and today I have received email from Revolut:

Our automated security system required a review of your business
account. This resulted in the suspension of your account.
Your account is currently under review and we will let you know
about any updates. Security of your account is paramount
for Revolut, this will inevitably sometimes put us in the
uncomfortable situation of having to trouble our users with a
suspended account.
Thank you for your patience while resolving this matter.

Kind regards,

I can wait for answers, because i have another banks to work with, but what is with the money? Can you send the money to another bank account of my company?

Please help me @AndreasK @larysa.stachowicz



You will receive a reply with an explanation in a couple of working days as an email. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Arturs,

We have a similar issue as yourself, Revolut suspended our account. We do not have access to our funds. We are unable to reach Revolut.

What is happening at your end, did you gain access to your money or did Revolut suspend your account without any notice?