Account suspended and unable to contact Revolut

My account has been blocked, and more than likely it won’t be unblocked, I have been trying to contact the “in app” support now for 2 days as I had a paypal withdrawal that isn’t in my account.

I have put in a dispute with Paypal and they have completed a withdrawal trace and found that the money was successfully withdrawn and provide me with an FPID

I need to contact Revolut to obtain their FPID as paypal has requested to see if I can get the money returned to my paypal account

But I can’t contactthem… No email! No phone number! No support at all.

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Still no help from Revolut

Did you type live agent in chat?
I suggest contact them via DM on Twitter.

Hi there. I’ve let the support team know and they will contact you soon via in-app chat as quick as possible.