Account still blocked - SOLVED


Is anyone’s account still blocked after the recent issues Revolut had at the beginning of the month? Mine has been blocked for ten days now and I still can’t get any information from Revolut regarding what the issue is…


I didn’t hear of an issue with blocked accounts. I only know of the problems of a payment processor which caused payments to fail.
What ways did you use to contact :r:?


Chat (originally), however no one but Rita will respond. Then Facebook (both via the wall and messenger). And now Twitter.

I don’t know if it was caused by the recent issues, however it happened at the same time. I had just topped up my account using my Australian credit card when it happened.

This has been a huge issue as I had also just transferred money to it as I am in the UK at the moment and really need the accounts…


Why do you have a Aussie credit card?
Are you UK resident? Or EEA resident?


I’m a duel citizen. I have an Irish passport, however live in Malta (residency in Malta through marriage), and am Australian. Im required to hold an Australian bank account for employment reasons hence the Australian credit card.


I’d rather not discuss this on an open forum. Can you DM about this please? None of this information has ever been an issue in the past and I’ve been using Revolut for over a year.


This is one complicated situation! :joy:
Are you sure your account isn’t blocked because of that? I guess only mighty @AndreasK can help you mate.


Lol – it’s begining to look that way. I’ve sent you both a DM.


Did you get the money back from your account?


Well, hopefully, @AndreasK can help You and me. In my case account blocked too with pretty much money there. I made top up with my two physical cards. Both issued where i live as i have accounts in two banks. Actually, there is nothing suspious there! I entered requested secret IDs for both cards from account statements of both cards, both cards appeared unblocked, but account itself still blocked. Chat wont help as there is no one answering. They promised 24h to reply, but these expired. The worst about it is there is no information about solving time, at least min-max time.


Yeah, mine just showed another message stating that an agent will be with me in the next 96 hours…I’m working offshore now with really intermident internet so this is a real pain and I have a lot of bills etc that come out of those cards.


Maybe You blocked because fraud system checking IPs or like that.
May account just has been unblocked, however agent asked same ID from statement i already entered while unblocking cards. Not a problem to enter again :slight_smile: The most important i need to know, what i can do to avoid these problems. Maybe i cant top up from two cards? They dont answer yet what i can do to help. I also see now in app that account was blocked dutong my attempt to buy show tickets in vegas. Well, hope thats wasnt a problem, simple purchase, not in food store, byt at, but hope there is nothing suspious about, will now try again to make a purchase, hope will not block me again!


I’ve finally been contacted by an agent…thank god! Hopefully I can get this all sorted out! Will let you know.