Account still blocked even if the code from card is added


Is this a manual step ? Why it takes so long ?
I wanted to transfer 1000EUR from my Revolut account with a SEPA transfer.
My account was automatically blocked. The application is asking for the code from my card statement, last top-up. I have two cards linked on the Revolut account. I added the code from one card (with the last recharge), I got a message that the card was verified but my account is still blocked. Even if I enter the code from the other card last top-up does not matter.

Is there a manual step to unlock the account ?


Sounds like you have hit a limit. Try and contact in app chat. They can help you and get this fixed. Normally it means you have to send additional paper work in.


I have not seen anywhere that there is a hard limit for SEPA transfers. I am still waiting for any reaction from support.


So problem fixed. I just had to send some screen-shots of my Internet Banking screen with the last top-up card transaction.

It seems that trying to send a sepa transfer too big the first time gets you flagged by AML algorithm.

PS: Note that the account was blocked under the so called: “Automatic Security Review” so a manual intervention from support was needed.


Please mark your last post as the solution, will helper others in the same situation :slight_smile: