Account Statement output, PDF & CSV Not usefull!!!!

When you export your account statement you get it as “completed dates” not the dates in which you used the card.

so for example i would buy something in Starbucks on the 16th of Jan but in the statement it says the completed date of the transaction which could be the 21st not the day the purchase was made.

it makes more sense to have the statement organised by date of purchase as it does in the app.

I have to manually go through and find the purchases, and sometimes miss some because im not sure if it was on specific dates.

PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE THIS, or at least add the option to out put it this way as well.


Could be for regulatory reasons. After all, the “complete” date is the date when the money actually left your account. I am not aware of any other card account that does not use the “complete” date on official statements.

i have found that the date of purchase is put on all statements of country’s i have lived in. Thats why im pointing this out as its not the norm for me.

They could also put a separate column that has the completed date in it of that transaction.

if i need to check if i made a transaction on that day i cant unless i go the app.
This is common sense that you would clearly state when the purchase happened.


Even more cumbersome is, of you like to get a statement for the previous month with the filter set to this and like to get this on the first or second day of the following month, all transactions which are not yet final are not even listed.

I opt to put both dates, transaction and settlement date, on the statement.


Can we show which card the transaction relates to in the CSV output?

I would like to be able to filter and see just a specific card’s transactions

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+1 vote for adding CATEGORY and NOTE columns to account statment csv export