Account security blocked!


I have verified my account using my top up transaction number but my account has been blocked. I have been chatting online with support and they tell me it’s due to suspicious activity! The only activity that has occurred has been me adding funds and verifying the account! Support insist they can only unblock my account if I send pictures of my passport or driving license which I’m not happy doing. How do I get my account unblocked so I can actually use it without sending pictures of my personal identification!?


Obviously you haven’t read yet.

  • Why do I need to verify my identity?
  • How do I verify my identity?


Thanks for the link zapata. So does everyone have to send pictures of their passport/driving licenses and a selfie once they join?!


Practically yes, there is one exception that some people in the UK can verify their identity also via a British debit card, but except for that group everyone needs to verify his account in that way.