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Under the card in my app, I see “The review process takes up 10 minutes”. Looks like i am stocked here. This message in my app has been there for over 5 days. I later got an email saying i should prove evidence that I reside in European Economic Area. yet I can’t see where I can upload or prove this on my app as I still see card being reviewed since. Please, how do I get out of there as this thing is becoming frustrating and the worst part is that I have uploaded money already to my account with the app, yet I can’t be verified. :frowning: :frowning:

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Hi @Jerry728,

Could you please verify your account by uploading your right to remain in the UK?

I didn’t submit my Residence permit FORM last week because of your app’s verification.I never knew it would take this long time and process, I wouldn’t have credited some money into the app. I planned submitting my Residence permit form tomorrow since I can’t be verified with all the information I provided. I think my FORM is more important to me.


I have the same problem, i received the card 2 weeks ago and the message don´t desappear ``we are reviewing you profile, we will notify you in 10 minutes…" i repeat, 2 weeks ago. Could anyone help me?

Hi Andreas, I just signed up to join the community and don’t seem able to ask a question without using a reply.

My question: we are a startup. Can we still open a business account or do we need to first have a normal bank account and open an account with you later? Our preference is to start with you. Thanks for your attention, looking forward to your reply. Cheers!


My account has said it’s been under review since last Friday and nothing has happened since,you froze all my wages,I have a child to feed,I’ve got no response at all since Sunday,what sort of service is this??.. definitely won’t be recommending! Get in touch with me and tell me how you gonna sort this out so I can feed my child because from what I can see there’s been hundreds of people with this problem and nothing seems to be done about it .

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@anon33247966 my account is under review when I have verified everything in my accounts and now I’m still waiting for it to be sorted out I have money that I really need access to to pay my bills and rent in time to avoid infection and I’m very very worried and very struggling at the moment please help get this issue sorted as soon as possible I would really appreciate it go through very hard time I need to get access to my money

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