Account Review


Under the card in my app, I see “The review process takes up 10 minutes”. Looks like i am stocked here. This message in my app has been there for over 5 days. I later got an email saying i should prove evidence that I reside in European Economic Area. yet I can’t see where I can upload or prove this on my app as I still see card being reviewed since. Please, how do I get out of there as this thing is becoming frustrating and the worst part is that I have uploaded money already to my account with the app, yet I can’t be verified. :frowning: :frowning:


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Hi @Jerry728,

Could you please verify your account by uploading your right to remain in the UK?


I didn’t submit my Residence permit FORM last week because of your app’s verification.I never knew it would take this long time and process, I wouldn’t have credited some money into the app. I planned submitting my Residence permit form tomorrow since I can’t be verified with all the information I provided. I think my FORM is more important to me.