Account Restricted - No Explanation (£4041) - Urgent

I am writing to express my serious concern about my account being restricted for the past month. On April 15th, £4041 was placed under review with no explanation provided.

Customer service has twice informed me of a 7-day review period, but this timeframe has not been met. I am a legitimate user with clear transaction records (including P2P receipts from Binance). I’m happy to cooperate with any verification requests.

The lack of transparency and communication regarding the restriction is highly concerning. I request immediate resolution and access to my funds.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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Hello @mfaqeeh87 Welcome to the community. :wave:

We understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. :frowning_face:

To help you gain more insights into the potential reasons behind this, we recommend reviewing our FAQ section here.

Hope this helps.

Veda | Community team

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Under the FCA, banks and emoney providers can’t tell you why, or give you a heads up what’s going to happen under tipping off laws.

You’ll need to cooperate and wait via the app until it has been reviewed.

P2P isn’t generally an issue your side, it’s the people you’re selling to that usually commit fraud their side - receipts aren’t relevant when fraud is involved.

A fraudster usually uses an innocent persons bank account to send the funds, once that person finds out they contact their bank, and their bank contacts revolut to explain.

Very common tactic and P2P is the common culprit for the frozen accounts and funds for these reasons.

Nobody can speed this process up, they’re carrying out their regulatory obligations.

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