Account Reset


Hello, I’m having trouble with the app.
I was using the app as usual, and when I opened the app, it was reset. They ask me to create a new account. And I don’t know how to access to my account because it asks me to create a new one. So I can’t use the app. Please help.



I can’t talk to the support chat but I can’t with the app. HELp


I guess you already figured it out, but just in case: just login by entering your phone number, they will send a code to confirm it’s indeed you, and that’s it :slight_smile:


The primary identification for attaching an app to the Revolut account is a phone number. It’s convenient because the phone number in an international format is always unique.


The problem is that I’ve changed my phone number so I can’t receive the code if I enter my ancient number


After entering phone number and password, after two minutes you will be able to click link code not received and contact the in app support.