Account reliability


Hi all. I used to post quite a bit on here but not for a few months now. Last time I was here the place was full of tales of woe from people whose accounts had been blocked out of the blue and more tales of woe from those complaining about any reasonable level of timely customer support. A quick look at the recent topics list seems to suggest this is no longer the case. Question for the regulars here - are both of these issues now more or less resolved?


Might as well be the lack of new users (bot for basic right seems to be broken for months) and lack of Revolut’s presence here


Mine hasn’t ever been blocked :wink: I have had a guy on Twitter message me as his account has been blocked though so I imagine it’s less likely than before as their machine learning algorithm got better.


Customer service response is almost immediate ! Excellent.


Yes, I never had to wait longer than one or two minutes. Lightning fast. :grin:


That’s great to hear guys👍. What about random card locking - never happened to me but there used to be lots of people it did happen to and they weren’t all newbies not knowing what they were doing.


Never happened to me either


My account was active the same day
And i havent had any issue