Account permamently blocked


Hey, I have been without any money for past few days as my Revolut account got blocked, it were saying ‘Your Account is currently blocked for secruity reasons’… then to speak to support, so i did and all I got for a replay was a FAQ statement which I didnt understand and when I asked support to explain i recieved same statment and they blocked my support chat…

I had some money in account which I deposited by card (was fully verified), then I got my work wage going in, week after this I got another wage coming in but I can’t do nothing, can’t use the app, talk to the support, use the card, nothing and im stuck without money, without anything, anyone got a clue what to do? Where to message them?

Also the email/username I used to create my account wasnt working, so I created new account with exactly same information as before? To me it means that they were deleted as I could use it again…
I had been with premium account too, maybe I didnt something wrong, maybe… but i have been doing exactly samething since I opened my account and then it was no problem, and now? And also support help was so much helpful that I got no clue what were they talking about, being rude and arrogant wont help me, it just pissed me off as I were into Revolut and didnt even get answer for my question.

As I have been reading community forum @AndreasK you;re the hero, so help me too please as its urgent


Hi there. Really sorry to hear that.

However, following a review of your account, in accordance with section 19.1 of our Terms and Conditions, we are unable to continue to offer you services provided by Revolut and your account has been suspended indefinitely.

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