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I am a Russian citizen. And I’m gonna go to Sweden for a half of the year. Can I open an account in Sweden or here in Russia with a temporary residence permit?

Revolut does not require verification of address, only your ID, so I’d suggest you open your account with Russian details first. Complete the verification process and then make sure you open a Swedish Krona account through the app. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response! As I can see, Revolut requires my home address. I enter the detailes and see that service is not offered in my country :frowning:

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Pity. Guess you’ll have to open it in Sweden using Swedish credentials? :frowning:

I doubt you will be able to open :r: account.Since it’s available to EEU residents.
Your temporaly residence permit (6month one) won’t be enough as far i’m aware.
If you lived pernament in Sweden with Russian citizenship then yes.
Take care :slight_smile:

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Hm, I think they do indeed need the address verified. Opening an account with a Russian address won’t work, one needs an address in one of the supported countries for opening an account.

Some temporary residency permits are accepted, like for students for example. Some examples are mentioned in the FAQs about this.

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The keyword is “resident” rather than citizen. You can live in a country for 6 months before you would be considered “resident” in the EU. Since your stay is only for 6 months, you are not resident in the EU, only a visitor. If your visa is for longer than 6 months then you just apply with the visa document and your new address in Sweden.