Account number is in invalid format

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup a new bank beneficiary from my personal account. I’m UK based and it’s to another UK bank. I’m getting an error message however when adding in the recipients account number “Account number is in invalid format”.

I don’t understand how it is in the wrong format considering account numbers are 8 digits long, no dashes or anything. Am i missing something here or is it a bug?

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Are you sure the account details are correct?

I am yes - copied them off the recipient’s card along with the sort code

Can you please contact our in-app support team?

Just tried it again with the exact same details and managed to create the beneficiary…bit weird why I got the error message in the first place. Thanks for your responses though.

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I’ve exactly same issue.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thank you
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I’ve the same issue.

how to fix it?

Has there been any fix on this?

I encountered the same error, any fix on this?

Reached out to in-app support suggested that I reinstall the App, and type in the account number instead of copy-and-paste, which I did both, still encountered the error

Hello, please help me I have contacted you via email and Instagram yet no response. I have been locked out of revolut for nearly a month because somebody took £2,225 from my account. Please help I have contacted everyone nobody is helping

who can help to check validation, what is the rule of this?
(the image is an example) :frowning_face:

What is the Revolut recipient bank correspondence account?

Solved it, final value has 15 digits numbers
you need to ignore the red warning message, and click button

I am also trying to send money back to TW and kept getting the same error.
My account number is only 12 digit, do i have to add zero at the end to make it 15 digit and ignore the error?


Hello, did you add bank number in the beginning
Mine format is like this 812-xxxxxxxxxxxx(12digit - ForeignAccountNumber)
812 is Taishin bank

Hi Chiufin,

I am also sending money to Taishin bank.

I only added the 12 digit foreign account number, I tried to added in the same format like you (812-xxxxxxxxxxxx) but still showing “the entered value is
incomplete or invalid”.

do you also put TSIBTWTP as SWIFT?


The error message you can ignore.
Last time, I just ignored it, and successfully received money.

Good luck!

Thanks! just double checking did you enter 812-xxxxxxxxxxxx in the app?

15 digits, all numbers, no symbol “-”
(double-check this is foreign currency account number)

I’m having trouble with adding a new bank account to pay into with the notification of invalid Sort Code Format after copying directly from the payees details.?