Account number change because of new card issue


Hi all,

I am currently trying to reach out the customer support, and I understand there are a lot of requests so I am also posting here to see if someone can help.

I’ll try to be concise.
I started using the app about 3 weeks ago. On June 11th I ordered a standard debit card which unfortunately never got delivered to my address. Very kindly, the support staff member that took care of me, cancelled the card and refunded me so that I could order a new one, the delivery is still on-going but it’s normal.
My problem is now different. When this new card was issued I didn’t think it would change my account number and sort code. This is very problematic to me as I had given those details to my company to get my salary paid. Now I have new details, and by the time I communicated them to the HR department I was told the salary for June had already been paid (around yesterday I guess). Obviously I have not received anything on my “new” account and am trying to find a way to access this money, hoping it’s not lost .

Can anyone help me on this matter?

Thanks for your time and have a nice day,