Account not opening after verifying card



My account requested I verify my card yesterday (which ive been using for a few months). I verified the card as requested but it is still just sits on the blue screen where the only option is to chat to support. I logged this question on support but im not sure this is sending either as it appears and disappears?



Let’s get in touch with a direct message so we can sort this out.


Andreas K.


I’ve sent direct messages and there is no response?


hi @jendilmur,

please allow @AndreasK some time.

He is receiving tons of messages and is also the facebook support team as I perceived it so far. He will surely get back to yo asap.



Hi coldwater,

Didnt mean to sound impatient, i think the messages may not be sending from my account as i said in the initial post. Really just want a confirmation the support is working on my account


hi @jendilmur,

no worries, I see your issue, but when you send a PM to him it should not disappear ?

The in-app support is experiencing some issues lately with disappearing messages as other users reported that here in the forum as well.

reminder: klick on his name and this pop-up will come where you can send him a PM



Appreciate your assistance - Andreas has PM’d me here. Cheers


Glad your issue will be taken care of !