account not linked to card



would it be possible to have an account that’s not linked to the card?

I’d like to have an account where I can have a larger sum, but that account is not “exposed” so that, in case the card is somehow compromised, the money remains safe. When I want to use the card, I can just move money from this account to the account linked to the card.



Do you mean revolut card? If yes-just do not order it😁


That sounds awfully complicated. Just block your card temporarily when you’re not intending to use it.

(Also, you can’t have two accounts right now. Only one per person, as far as I know.)


You could just have a card that’s always frozen, and you unfreeze it when you need it. Or you set a monthly limit. There are existing solutions in place, you should use them :slight_smile:



yup, I was referring to the revolut card. For me, it would be easier and safer to store a larger amount of money in an “unexposed” account and then just move smaller sums into the card-linked account. I was thinking that if it’s possible to have EUR/USD/etc. accounts, it should be possible to have more than one EUR account.

Frank’s suggestion would also work and I’ll probably do that, at least when there’s larger sums in the account. Another option would be to top-up via debit card since the transfer is instant, but my usage scenario involves SEPA transfers and those may take more than a day to complete.

Later edit: just occured to me: keeping the card disabled would interfere with the recurring payments I have set up in PayPal