Account Names

Please add the possibility to add a label to our own accounts. For instance I have several GBP personal account and I have to remember the account number to know which bank is wich.


Will pass this feedback on to the team! Thank you.

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no news on this feature ?

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This would be a VERY IMPORTANT feature- sometimes you do need to send money to more than one account of a given type, belonging to the same person (myself…) For now, I need to double-check the account numbers, which is tedious.


Amazed this isn’t already a feature…


Yeah, I think it’d be a must. I just end up entering in the name field a label plus my first name !

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Agreed! At the moment I cross-reference account numbers with a spreadsheet.

Please add this Feature as it would realy help a lot of people doing their money Transfers


Please add this nice & useful feature to one of your next coming release!
It’s been requested long ago now!

Thank you