Account locked


@Sarytuka I think we have resolved this issue. DM me if you need any help.


Hello, pls my card and account has been locked too. What should I do as I need to make some payments. Its very urgent and I don’t know what to do now. The support is not been supportive too. Please help me.


I think we have resolved this issue on Facebook :slight_smile:


Hi Andreas

I have the same issue. My account is blocked. I have just tried to pop up with another card.
I am travelling in few hours and I really need my Revolut card. Could you please assist ?

Thanks a lot


Hi Harry.

More than happy to help. Could you please drop me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Hi AndreasK,

please help me as well as I am an intern in London with all my funds on revolut and I cannot access it as it is blocked. Please help me resolve this issue so that i can access my account as soon as possible.




Not sure if my post reached you. My account is blocked and I am in a very desperate position as all my funds are with revolut and I am an intern abroad with limited cash. Please help! The in app support group has not gotten back to me successfully in 6 hours.



Hey @freddy27peace.

Could you please send me a direct message so we can get in touch. To make sure that I receive your post please tag me :slight_smile:


Hello Andreas, I have my account locked for the last 3 days and contacting support through the in-app chat does not work because nobody ever answers. Please help. I cannot find a way to let unlock my account. Thank you,


Hey! Apologies for the late reply. I was out of the office.

As I can see see your account is fully active, as a member of our support team helped you :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K


Did you ever manage to get your money back?


Hello Andreas, I have had my account locked when I begun with Revolut one month ago. After getting used to the service I’ve also made an account for my wife but it seems my wife got the same treatment and now her account has been locked for two days with our Holiday funds. I have transferred to her the money I had in Revolut because i had reached my FX limits. Now her account is locked and all of our funds are locked. Please help us resolve this as soon as possible or we will have to cancel our Holiday :frowning:
Thank you.


@JOJO: Hello, I did back then, but unfortunately it was too late. Revolut is a good app but this thing with account locking for beginning accounts is very discouraging.


I’m very sorry to hear that @Mau, apologies for the long wait as I was on holiday.

Did our support team helped you to unlock your account?


Hello Andreas, thank you for answering. They did help me, but after more
than 5 days. I had to cancel my holiday. Lost some money, etc. I’ve kind of
lost my faith in Revolut. a total of 8 people talked to me and not one
asked for any proof or anything (Besides the last person). They where kind of like a robotic cycle:
First level support would come and say we need to escalate this to the
proper team. A ‘proper team member’ would come and say : let me
familiarize myself with your case and then disappear (stop answering) Next
day I would say again hello please help, then level one would come and
again forward me to the proper team and so on. This went on and on and on.
I had already talked to a lawyer when somebody eventually helped me. In the
fifth day I was trying to reach somebody through all means: email, forums,
messages from my app, messages form my wife’s application and so on. It was
a really bad experience.


I’m extremely sorry and apologising for such a negative experience you have had. I will forward your chat history to the right person, so we can prevent this from happening again.

Once again, apologies!

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Hi I’m trying to access my account but it has been blocked for security reasons. I understand that checks need to be made but I am urgently awaiting these funds in order to rent an apartment. I have been waiting for the in app chat to respond but I am not getting any response. Please could we resolve this as soon as possible. It is a matter of urgency.



Could you please drop me a direct message?