Account locked!!!!!


Please please help me! My account was locked this morning as I tried to verify my ID. I got a message saying it was all good that I had been verified, and then my account was locked as I tried to pay a friend back. This is very inconvenient as revolut is my principal method of payment these days while im in London. I would appreciate some rapid help


Hi David, I’m happy to see you’ve managed to unlock you account. Feel free to reach out to us either here or via chat whenever you need help with your account. Happy Friday :wink::beers:


Hello, my account has been blocked. I had tried many times to contact the support team but they took so long time to reply my message and they sent me to the relevant team but at the end of the day I still did not get any response from them.
can someone please help me to solve this problem ?

please help me !

Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Merry Sumitro