Account locked whilst transferring funds


Hi there,

I was I the process of sending funds to Coinbase and my account locked and said don’t worry we just need to verify details.

Could someone rectify this please as I have no idea what has happened to the funds I was in the process of transferring. Maybe Andreas.k could look into it. I have seen his name mentioned in previous posts and he seeems to be able to rectify these situations very quickly.


probably larg amount that looked suspicious to the automated security system…


Hey @Nath :slight_smile:

I frankly believe @AndreasK is enjoying some nice Christmas holidays. Perhaps @jessicaszabla? :slight_smile:
Maybe you can check the other contact methods described here:


Thanks Juliopp, much appreciated.


Probably so, butt thanks for reaching out.


Few moments ago it happened to me too.
I was about to transfer money back to my bank account.
When I open the app it says I need to verify the card and enter 4 digit code from last top-up indicated as REVOLUT1234
But I don’t see this transaction on my bank account.
Can anyone from support team please help me unlocking the account?
@AndreasK or @jessicaszabla


Hey @michalw2 :slight_smile:

Can you see the transaction, even without the code? If not, it might appear as a pre-authorization…


My problem was resolved after getting touch with support.