Account locked while waiting for top-up transfer! Need assistance!


Hello Revolut,

Yesterday my Revolut account was locked without previous notice or instructions on how to unlock it (my only option available is “Support”). At this point, I am waiting for a top-up to my account via EUR bank transfer that I desperately need to convert into GBP because I need to make a payment that is close to being due. This transfer was within my limit and I used the regular Lloyds general account with the correct Reference number for my account.

While trying to chat I have gotten notifications about Revolut being extremely busy and asking me to wait first 4 hrs, then 6hrs, then 12 hrs, and now 24hrs. I signed up for a Premium service and I have not been able to chat with a person yet.

I just need some information or be able to talk/chat with an agent as soon as possible please!


This was resolved by Customer Service - Thank you!