Account Locked while updating card details- No reply from in-app help


Hi Guys,

I had to update my card details as the previous card was lost and my account was locked once i did this for no reason.

I attempted to fix this by talking to in-app help a few months ago. After 3 hours of going around in circles (around ten minutes between replies), i gave up.
I had verified my ID with a photo of the same ID used to setup my account.This wasn’t enough as i was told i needed paper bank statements, which i don’t receive anymore and would have to take time off work to get to a bank. Now i need the account unlocked as it will be required for upcoming travel.
The in-app help is stating it will be four hours to speak to an agent. How am i supposed to keep an eye on the app all day, while working and not leaving the app and going to the back of the queue??
I can provide the photo ID and the four digit code attached to my last two transactions.

Any help is appreciated.