Account locked - support chat doesn't work

Hi Andreas i ahve direct messaged you and still have received no reply

i have just made a twitter hoping somebody will reply , i have rent due today and it has to be sent by this evening hoping your advice works!!

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Try going online to the business section and you can chat with them there


I’ve lost my phone. Tried accessing my account by clicking on “Lost access to phone”. Did the whole process, got the SMS and code was entered automatically. But it kicked me back to the start of the sign up process. Then when trying it again, after entering my old number and PIN I keep getting “the verification code or phone number you entered is incorrect”.

I also can’t find a place to create a support ticket. So posting it here. Please advise.

Hi @AndreasK! It’s been more than 34 hours that I am waiting for an answer from a “live agent”. My account is blocked and I haven’t been able to operate with MY money. I have sent them different messages and no one is answering… It is insane! Please can you help me?

I transferred some of my salary savings to my revolut account. The bank transfer went through and I received the revolut notification that I received the amount, however the transaction says “pending” and I cannot use the money.

In-app-chat does not reply at all. “Waiting agent” and they need 48 hours. I need to access my money urgently. One year ago I was asked to provide salary certificates etc, which I did and I have been transferring money regularly but this “blocking” has never happened before.

Someone please help!

Hi! I am locked out of my account, and the chat does not work. I would like to ask for your help.



i have the sam problem I can’t use my credit card , despite there are money in my Revolut account , Revolut block my account for verification but the customer chat doesn’t repy me
I wait you reply and your help dear

Hello AndreasK,
I have the same problem since last week, Chat with us is not working and I don’t have access to my account.

Hope you can help.
Thank you

I have the same problem thqt my account is blocked and when I want to chat with an agent the screen is just white.

Some help would be appreciated.

Have a new number and haven’t been able to log in for a week now… PLEASE someone assist me on this or tell me how I can close my account so I can retrieve my funds…

I have a blocked account and I can’t contact an agent, please help me.

I am waiting for over two hours now for an agent.
My account got blocked after I received money from a friend.
This money is needed urgent but it seems like no one wants to help.
On Facebook they just sayI should use the in-app-chat but I am waiting for over two hours now. I am really desperated now.

I have a blocked account and I can’t contact an agent, please help me

@AndreasK - Sorry to bother but I am having the account locked for verification for almost 2 months now and support via the tickets I opened does not seem to do anything.
Please help.

Hello, can you help me please? I don’t know my passcode and when I press that I forgot the code it goes to the live chat but the app crashes

I have the same Problem. The Chat says “Looking for an agent…” since 24h. Need really help to Verify my account.


I have a similar issue. I was asked to provide more information, like an extra verification (see image). I’ve entered the chat and an agent asked me to do a couple of things. The first thing was to logout/exit the app and login back again with passcode (I’m guessing this was asked for security purposes). I did that, but then I got the same message and when entering the chat, the previous conversation disappeared ! Since then I’m trying to reach out to support but all I get is “Looking for an agent”. Not even the bot, Rita, I think was the name.

Now I can’t access any of the Revolut functionality! Revolut wishes that this app govern my entire financial world. How can I trust Revolut to do this when a thing like this happens? If I have had all my money on your app I would have been toasted right now. Never had this kind of issues with my bank. I am disappointed.

Having same problem with logging in. Asking me to create an account and then when I enter my dob it says “latin characters not recognised”


I have been the victim of a major scam where I’ve lost 20k total and I need help.
I was chatting with an agent yesterday with no issues who told me they were looking into the case however another agent was speaking with me as well asking me for proof of my income etc. This person claimed to say they where Megan but the name was Bhagya on the top part of the chat. This agent has not answered me at all now and this concerns me. When I was in contact with the scammer he asked for my ID and I’m afraid he may have used it as at one point to access my account, my Face ID was switched off when I did not authorise this. Please help, I’ve lost my entire life savings to these scammers. And now your chat service isn’t working and I can’t reach out to ask for updates! @AndreasK

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