Account locked - support chat doesn't work

My account is locked and I was in contact with an agent Vincent, he has led me some information but he said me “I can see that you are offline now. When you are ready to pick this up again, come back online and one of my colleagues or I will be able to assist you further. Have a great day!” Before that I could give my information and I rate him 5* by error. So after that I start a new chat but I am still waiting from about one week I answers the question but no agent yet to answer


I got locked out of my account and I’m getting only a “chat with us” screen. I started a chat, got an automated message from “Rita” to give some personal details, and now I see “looking for an agent…” for a second straight day. Emailed you, got an automated reply with a question about my number, answered and still nothing. Of course I urgently need the money I added to my Revolut account in order to make some important purchase, so what can I do?


Last time my account was locked it was because I had to show source of fund/income.
I uploaded my p60, payslips and HSBC bank statements to show where the money was coming from and it was unlocked in few days.
The only annoying thing was that the system was not accepting pdf so I had to take pictures with my phone.
Not sure if people has been locked for the same reasons but in general above a few k you will have to prove the legitimate source of funds for anti money laundering reasons.

Please contact me to resolve the issue.
My account got locked, the chat worked initially but now the app stopped working completely.
All I get when I launch the app is an endless loop of pop-up messages stating We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.
I would like to reactivate my account quickly.

I have the same issue. I’ve been locked out for ‘safety reasons’ but now I can’t log in and everything I answer on the security questions are wrong, even though they aren’t. and when I send a selfie with my ID it takes me to a blank screen. No one is answering me on the live agents chat either. @AndreasK help me please I need access to my money

same issue here. everything I try to verify my identity doesn’t work either and no one is answering me

Have tried again and taken the selfie as requested but still only have a blank chat screen

Hi, my account app is asking me for some new information but my chat doesn’t work, my entire apo is not working, I’m forcing to use it by avtrck, I’ve created a link to apo and click on it, by this way I’m able to see my dashboard otherwise I’m looked. Can you please help me?
Thank you so much

My account has been locked due to suspicious activity, been on live chat for hours and no response from anyone. The app is my only source of banking and really need it to be sorted asap. @AndreasK

Anyone able to help here please? Any form of valuable information will be greatly appreciated.

I had complained via chat in the app 3 days ago about a suspicious charge from A Revolut Entity to my account and a representative was taking me through security in an effort to help me resolve the issue, i then finally passed security and the suspicious transaction was confirmed. I was asked to take a selfie with the days date written on a piece of paper in my hands which i did. I was also asked the model of phone i was using which i aslo confirmed etc, the agent then told me he will be passing me to the appropriate team who will be able to help me further.

A few seconds later i noticed my account acees had been restricted and no agent showing as typing any longer. I have since been trying to access my funds and ive nbeen unable to do so. I have sent messages nonstop since then as the app will only let me tap “chat with us” button and no one has responded and its now 3 days an counting. I have also sent an email to as found on Revolut’s website, no one has responded and i need immediate access to my funds amidst COVID-19 in order to buy medication and essential supply for my vulnerable persons.

I have since read alot of horror stories online about such happening to customers in and around the UK also and across the continent. I’m i the only one wondering how this is allowed to happen unchecked and unregulated? @Revolutapp blocked comment on their instagram pages and same with @revolutinsider on instagram, these are red signals and i am very worried as i have a substantial sum held across Revolut and its entities.

Can anyone advise what to do please and what the appropriate step to take?

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I am waiting for 3 weeks and still waiting till now.

Same things have my too.Need help urgent.

Yes same as my 3 weeks all ready.

Me too, completely logged out, showing 2 different phones as logging in that weren’t mine
Saying account has nothing in it now

have the same issue and don’t know how to contact revolut

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Hi, my account is locked for a week already. The status on the in-app chat shows that it is looking for an agent without any update. Could you please help me to gain back access to my account asap? I don’t have any update regarding the status of my case.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Anddeas

My account is blocked over a week. I receive a wages from my employer into Revolut account but now I cant do any Basic shopping. Would you be able to have a look into my account please or advise what to do?

Hi REVOLUT, please help me.
My account was deactivated since I could was robbed and could not log in into the app for a couple of months. I created a new account with a different number and had support from you saying that I could not have 2 accounts and could only activate my account back with the initial number.
Now I got my SIM CARD back and I’m trying to contact you but [support chat doesn’t work]. I called but there was no help… PLEASE, It’s been now more than 1 week since I got my number back.

Hi All

I have similar issue as nobody from chat is responding to my messages from over a week time. My wage is paid into Revolut account but I don’t have access to it…

Hey there @AndreasK, I’m having issues similar to the body of this chat. I was locked out after tranfering funds and there has been no response from the chat for over 36 hours ans it wont let me open a new chat.