Account locked - support chat doesn't work

Hi Same here. premium chat not responding

Hi everyone. I don’t now if my account is locked or not but i can’t get the app open normally. I open the app. Get the prompt Which says “Good afternoon, my name” enter my fingerprint or my passcode and nothing happens. It starts something like trying to get in and gets stuck there. Why is that happening?


My account was blocked and the chat doesnt work. It has been locked for several days and nobody is answearing to me.

Please help!

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Unlikely to get a response in here - it’s a user forum.
Try Twitter or FB

i got the same issue.
I cannot open the chat because my account is locked :frowning:

I also have a problem with my account and nobody answered my questions more than 3 days.
I hope somebody will contact me.

i am experiencing the same problem too.
i forgot my password. i managed to change it however a screen appears that states that it needs more info. when i clicked on chat with us, Rita was asking for some questions.
I answered them but i got no response since yet
I cannot use the application.
can this be fixed?
otherwise, how can i withdraw my money? and then cancel the card
thank you

My account has been frozen too.
I used the chat app to recover it and provided all documents needed.
An agent reassured me that everything is ok but my acount is still not working and the “chat with us” button lead me to “Looking for an agent…” for over 2 weeks now.
Please let me know what I can do
Kind Regards




I have the same problem, since one month I cannot use my account.

Can you help me please? Thank you

Kind regards


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My account is locked for more than 3 weeks, support chat is not working. Can anyone help?

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I have the same problem: since 9 days my account is locked. I provided all information needed, screenshots from bank account, loan documents, everything. Cannot open Revolut regularly anymore. There’s only the in app chat - and since 9 days nobody is responding! End of the month is coming, I have to pay rent for apartment and garage, gas and electricity, everything I pay since months via Revolut… please help me to unlock my account again! @anon33247966


Hello, I accidentally deleted my card and I would like to reactivate. Please help me

I can’t enter in my account and the chat does not work.
Please help

And I have the same problem! All has been verified, an agent told me that account is fully operational and… nothing! My app still sends me to the chat, and no one is answering my requests for help!

Hello. I have the same exact issue. What can i do ?

I have the same problem too, I tried re-installing the app in different languages to no avail.
I’m trying to contact support via the community forum now, is that possible?

No, you have to contact :r: support via in-app chat or social media (twitter or facebook).

I have the same problem
Help please I don’t know what to do!


I have lost access to my account and am unable to log in or access my money ! I cannot log in using the app as it fails to recognise me. Please can you help?

Incredible … the solution (how to contact :r: support) is only two postings above and new users are posting the same cr** over and over again!

TO :r:: PLEASE CREATE A STICKY R/O THREAD OR A BANNER ON TOP OF THIS FORUM (FAQs with this information)! Check other discourse communities: e.g asterisk, monzo, etc.