Account locked - support chat doesn't work

Hi, needed to update my ID received 2 messages saying my account is locked and then unlocked. Now whe I access the app I get a screen that prompts me to tap for help but doesn’t work?


Hello @Rosomanaj,

Thank you for contacting us.

I have sent you a direct message are you able see it?


Andreas K.


Hi AndreasK

I have exactly the same problem, after a failed top up

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I am also experiencing the same problem, I need access urgently as I fly out tomorrow. I have tried uninstalling the app and downloading it again but the same thing still happens.


What happens when you click on the link to reach the support ? Did you receive the PM from Andreas ?


Nothing happens. It loads the app refreshes instantly and goes back to the same screen.

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Okay, so that’s not really working out. Please reply to or send a PM to @AndreasK to sort that out. He can definitely help you out with that.


I also have tbe same issue. Account is locked and the app does not let you chat with support but the annoying “help us keep your account safe” screen pops out every time. Had to keep tapping on “chat with support” a dozen of times to get to the support screen

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@AndreasK please note that the app has a technical bug. When the accoubt is locked, the app does not allow chatting with support. Please read the pevious posts for details.

Let’s get in touch via a direct message please.

Hi, I’m trying to top up £200 but it just says ‘awaiting transfer’. I’ve tried to chat but it says support is offline… Please help!

Hi, my account was locked because I got in a dead lock situation where I needed to scan my card, but since I was using a virtual one I was unable to (now I know that virtual cards are not supported).

The option to go to the support chat was not working so I had no option but to run out of retries to move forward, which got me locked out.

I was trying to use the support chat to solve( even talked with someone for a while) this but the app as become unusable, and I even lost all the conversation and all my messages fail to send…


I have the same problem! @AndreasK help

Hello, i have tha same problem. Please help me @AndreasK


Hi @AndreasK - I’m having the same issues as in this thread - i.e. my account seems to be locked and I can’t chat to support. Can you please advise how to rectify this?

Thanks in advance.

@aileenli911, @tomvandongen, @tsiftis sure guys.

Can you send me a direct message here your phone number associated with your accounts?



My account is already unblocked


Thanks all - this has now been resolved!

same issue for me who is this @AndreasK person - how does one contact him

I have the same issue as well. @AndreasK