Account locked please help!??


My account has been locked, I think this is because I received 2 x refunds in USD ($100 and $250 each), these were withdrawals from CEX exchange and were all legitimate.

Now my card is locked.

Support chat don’t replt. I have verified account, etc.


CEX ? coin exchange?


yes CEX is the (UK based) coin exchange.

I’m having exactly the same issue as tommc…


Guys, there are rules that clearly state, that you cant buy crypto currency with Revolut card




Please, read carefully. It WITHIN THE APP. thank you.


Well despite what you have said I managed to do a EUR bank transfer from Revolut to Coinbase without issue. I even had a support person say to me “good luck with your crypto trades” when she noticed where I was sending money to while I was chatting to her.