Account locked out - unsolvable?



My account was locked out (due to unknown to me security reason) - it was 04.01.2018.
I am fresh user, with only few transactions from the beginning.
I received transfer from my friend and tried to buy something (legal) online.

Since beginning of the case - my problem was handled by 5 persons : Grzegorz, Keeta, Volodymyr, Katarzyna, Parthiban (in chronological order). In the meantime I was told that they are waiting for answer from my friend, I asked him to answer, but no question was in his chat - his accout was locked out shortly after confirmation of his card).

Because of the way Revolut provides support (only via chat in app), and there is no audible notification when somebody messages me - there is no way to communicate succesfully with anybody!!!

In the meantime I also asked for help via Facebook, received only information that review of my case may take few days - I don’t know how 5 person may review less than 10 transactions for few days.

I have no problem at all with security procedures and I can accept even long processing, since I am “free” user. But the way of communication during problem resolution leaves me speechless.

I don’t know why I am locked out and what to do to unlock my MONEY!!!

@AndreasK , @jessicaszabla please help.


Część @lukasz :slight_smile:

I have to defend :r: in one small thing: the push notifications are temporarily not working and they’re trying to find a fix :wink:

Also, I encourage you to fill a formal complaint if you feel the issue is not being properly dealt with.


Hi @Juliopp

I suppose that support guys should know about push notifications issue (I wasn’t aware and they kept messaging me expecting response, but without notification it was pointless).

I’m always trying to resolve problems normal way, before taking formal steps.


Hey @lukasz :slight_smile:

That’s a really wise approach. I guess they’re just expecting people to come back after a while or just stay in the chat. Anyway, I hope your problem is solved soon :wink:


Hi there.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Your account has been flagged by our security system, for security reasons.

I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.