Account locked & no support

I got a new card in March as I was interested in using it like a bank account, mainly for paying bills/shopping etc on behalf of me and my mother. I submitted my ID, transferred £50 and then when I tried to log in from that point the app displays something like “account locked for security reasons, support will be in touch to sort it out” - Support never got in touch.

I used the live chat app but the queue for support was 2 hours, I left a message for them to contact me via email to help me resolve the problem but they never did.

The difficulty I have is that I am a full time carer for a terminally ill parent, her needs are great, so It is almost impossible wait around for support to become free, I get snippets of free time here and there, so allotting time to deal with my own affairs is a challenge sometimes.

I spoke to my bank who advised I they may be able to perform ‘charge-back’ to recover the funds, but they advised I try one more time to resolve the issue directly with Revolut - so here I am.

I would be grateful of someone from support could take a look into my account and drop me an email to help me sort this out.

Many thanks


Hi Karl. Could you please reply to our in-app messages?