Account locked! No help from Support..



I’m a new user, and have been trying to withdraw monies sent to me urgently so I can pay a beneficiary urgently, however during the process of making the payment to an account, they just said my account has been blocked.

There’s no one to call, you just have to talk to a robot, who tells you she can’t help and I have to wait 2hrs for a representative to reply. Do I wait on the line? Do they call me back? This wasn’t made clear.

After 2hrs, I got another message from the robot, exactly the same as before, but then saying 4hrs to wait…! So I’ve now been waiting over 6 hours for support and still nothing!!

I need my money as soon as possible, this is hugely urgent!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Similar story here . It seems that nobody cares to help and no way to contact them except the '“online” chat. Teribble service honestly. No phone support or even mail!


This is terrible. I wish I read this before opening a revolu account!

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