Account locked, need unlock ASAP


Hi, I’ve my account locked, how can i unlock it?


From FAQ:

My account is blocked, what should I do?

If your account is blocked, there are two key things you should do:

Verify your identity:
If you open the app you should be given the option to ‘Verify your identity’. You will be prompted to take a photo of your international drivers licence/passport and a photo of yourself. Your account should be verified within 15 minutes. Please go to the Profile section of our support for more information on how to do this.

Confirm your top up card:
You should also be given the option to ‘Verify your card’. To do this, you just need to look at your online banking and find a recent top up to Revolut which looks like Revolut1234. Then, you need to go onto the app and enter the 4-digit code here. That’s it!


well i opened the app and i just got - chat with support and the support isnt answering at all


anyway the situation is, my debit card from my bank got stoled/duplicated, by mistake i tried to top-up my account and it got locked, i needed it unlocked ASAP because right now this is the only card with I can pay whatever i need, please unlock it and let me use my money, the money that i top-up on the last weeks.


In urgent situation-like this, I suggest contact via Twitter. AFAIK- the most efficient way of contact. (You can use Facebook too)


guys, i send message on twitter… no answer, come on, just unlock it, ireally need the revolut account