Account locked in the "ID verification" step



I created my account last week, and the “ID Verification” step failed with your robot.
Today, I sent every ID document I have prove my identity and to unlock my profile but it is still locked.
I contacted the assistance, but the agent ask me to send my bank statement with the payment to revolut.
But I can’t do the top-up to Revolut, the application is locked on “ID verification”.
I have no access to other functionality, the only button is “assistance”…

Can you first validate my ID, or unlock my profile, to give me the possibility to send you money ?
If this step is not OK, I will not be able to give you a bank statement with the Revolut transaction, because i have no access to this functionality.

Can you help me, please ?



A screenshot of your bank statement should suffice.

Uploading images is possible in the :r: customer support chat.



I did it, but the agent refused it.
On the bank statement, there is my name, my adress and the “bank account number” but not the CREDIT CARD number… so it was refused.
I sent the credit card photo with my name, the same name is on my ID.

I can’t do more, I explained it, but we are going round in circles… so I think I should give up.