Account locked 🔒 & funds not received


My Revolut was blocked and only received a response saying I was in breach of section 9.1 of the terms and conditions and money will be transferred back to my account. I’m really disappointed with the response as firstly there are many subsections to section 9.1 and they didn’t state which I was in breach of and also no appeal process available, secondly my account has been blocked now for close to 2 months and still haven’t received my funds back in the originating account. This is really bad on Revolut side and after I’ve given glowing review to families and friends about that app, this has been a real kick in the teeth for me. I’ll delete the app and warn people of the app. Everyone I’ve introduced the app to have same issue. No prior warning and people can’t access their funds and funds haven’t been transferred back to their accounts.


Yet another one for @AndreasK

Just a little note here to :r: in general. Please don’t leave such comments alone. It give us users a hard time to promote your product if interested people try to inform themselves and stumble across topics that need support, but nothing happened from the company side.


Hi @Myjacob,

Unfortunately, as our support staff have informed you over the in-app chat support system, we will no longer be providing our service to this account.

I have now contacted our issuer and requested that the funds in your account be returned to the bank account they have originated from. They will appear in the next few days.