Account locked for no reason - community posts being deleted

Currently having a nightmare with support (or lack of support)
For over a week now my account has been locked for no reason
Despite numerous times contacting support on the app and on Facebook I either get completely ignored or wait hours and get a message from the compliance team stating that it is awaiting a response from a third party
I have been told that my account was locked by their automatic systems and asked to explain my transactions and provide a bank statement showing revolut withdrawals (all of which I have done)

Now I’m just completely ignored in spite of numerous complaints and asking for updates
This is the 2nd time I have raised a post about it on the forums as when I came back here to check my first one it seems to have been deleted (says my user has raised no topics, even though I have raised this on here previously)

I find this lack of customer service shocking and can only think how frustrated/mad it would make someone if they were in a foreign country or had a substantial amount of money in their account when this happened

I have asked how to raise with the fca/ombudsman in the support chat (which are obviously being received as they have responded with a phone number)

Has anyone else had anything like this, account locked and refusal to tell them why, is this legal if it contains funds (your money)

An update on this, support still refuse to tell me any information, say they are waiting on a third party but refuse to tell me what or why this is.
The account has now been locked since November with no explanation as to why, I would be very wary of putting your money in an account with them as they appear to have no real customer support or help, respond intermittently at funny times either with useless repeated info or with nothing of any value.
Worst customer service I have ever experienced, shocking for a company protraying itself as innovative.
Add money with caution.

Also there is no way to talk to anyone on the phone, the only number I can find is an automated one to cancel the card, apart from that there is no customer service phone number, unbelievable.


Our compliance team has contacted you via the in-app support. Please get back to them whenever is best for you.

@ghow I am having the same issue since last night… I hope I don’t have to wait 2 months like you did! It’s shocking… so far I have been waited 6 hours since last message!

Thank you. I have been contacted by Vivian and the issue has been solved.

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Hi Andreas,
Need to travel tomorrow . Account is locked and i am in diificult situation.
Just got my revolut card. Used in money withdrawal machine to check id pin is correct. Account got locked after few minutes.
Very frustrated so dar

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Hi @amitu. Your account is now fully active! Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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