Account locked for identity verification

I tried to verify my identity more than 16 hours ago.
After submitting a few copies of the required documents (driving license + ID), the account is still locked. I tried to contact support through the app, but after more than 6 hours I did not receive any feedback.
In the meanwhile the application does not allow me to upload any other document (“Reviewing your documents”) and I cannot use the card because it shows that “Limit is reached” and “Limit 0 Ponds a year”.

I charged the card and I paid extra money to get it shipped as soon as possible so that I would be able to use it, but now I don’t know what to do.
I’m writing here in the hope that someone replies.


Hey @srdjanm :slight_smile:

It might take up to 3 days to receive an answer, and the chat might look unresponsive meanwhile :frowning:

More info here:

Thanks for the feedback.
It’s pretty disappointing and poorly organized.
If there’s a limit of 200 pounds per year without and kind of verification of identity, I’m surprised that my card got blocked right after I submitted all the required documentation.
If they had warned me in advance I would have withdrown cash, just to have some money.
With the delivery and this issue I guess I will open a bank account in UK before being able to use Revolut. :triumph:

Apologies for the delay. Your account is now fully active! :tada:

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